CarNRacer's Apex Motoring Alpha 16 GTR Build

December 11, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Well - it has been a LONG road to say the least. SO much goes into these builds and because they are not true "cookie cutter" packages - there is a great deal of planning and craftsmanship that can very time consuming. Ordering parts can - for the most part - be the bane of your existence. There were very few times that items ordered arrived anywhere close to on time - and sometimes didn't have the fit or final polish that we had hoped for. Being fair to the Vendors and Distrubtors - these packages, again, are not cookie cutter - so they are not made in very large batches. If something is wrong, you will have to wait - quite a long time sometimes, before any replacement parts will find their way to you. Availability was another challenge. Having almost everything ready except for one or two parts and not being able to get them because no one has them.

In the end, when everything is together, you tend to forget (or at least not remember as vividly) all the frsutration and intensity and simply grin, widely, at this new creation that stand proudly in front of you.


Enjoy the Gallery - with more to come!

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