CarNRacer's Apex Motoring Alpha 16 - The DYNO!

December 11, 2014 21COMMENTS

Well - it was the end of the season - but we got here. The tunes for these cars are tricky. From creating a smooth start up to ensuring the proper timing and power.


To say I was happy with the results is an understatement.

With only limited timing and just under 27 PSI we hit 1117 awhp  with 802 awtq.

First signs of slipping began to show.

Still without timing we hit 1345 awhp at only 889 awtq.  at 39 PSI.

Slipping on the dyno starts to get out of hand and we continue to try to weigh the trunk down with whatever we can find.

Adding some timing 1383 awhp and 1029.66 awtq also at 39 PSI.

There was major slipping now no matter how many people or weight was added to the trunk. You can see the actual dip in the one picture in the gallery. Extrapolating the curve smoothly without the "spin sag" seems to show the top number closer to 1500+ awhp. 

For the last pull for this session (and this year) was at 40 PSI;

1402 awhp and 1038.47 awtq. the "spinning sag" in the curve is even worse (it was actually present since about 1150 awhp) and we call it a season. Same extrapolation with a smooth curve seems to show the true top number around 1550+ awhp.

Some have wondered if we will be back early next season to up the boost into fringe terrirtory and see if the car will be able to stay on the dyno without spinning its power away.

The quick answer is no. There doesn't seem to be any point as traciton is already untenable. The car will be back on the dyno for the street tune however.

The real finishing tuning will be done at the track over many sessions, including boost off the line and other transmission parameters as well as on the street for the street tune touch ups.


Stay tuned for more on the CarnRacer Apex Motoring Alpha 16!    

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