Apex Motoring Alpha 12x 2018 Build Tuned by IveyTune Technologies!

January 02, 2018 0 COMMENTS 335

When I heard that Sean Ivey would be exclusively tuning Apex Motoring GTR's, I was happy. To say the least. I was fortunate to meet Sean in person a few years ago at Bushurs DSM Shootout event, through Nathan Samuels (Head Engineer at Apex). I could see why Nathan liked him right away, down to earth and a straight shooter - he drove his cars down himself to compete - without stopping - from New Jersey to Ohio - just to race. This is why his cars have had so much success since the R35 platform has been available. He tests everything he does - himself - and passes that experience on to his customers. I had chatted with Sean before meeting him, years before, but watching him throw down at the competition was something to behold. He also was one of the first to take on Motec as the stand-alone ECU for the GTR while most were focusing only on Syvecs (Sean can tune both of course). What I liked about that is the fact Sean didn't back away from a challenge - and just gutted out the learning curve for Motec (which is considerable). That is his attitude. And it is reflected in his customers cars. They are all serious car enthusiast that want results.

Repeatable, consistent, results. 

They are also VERY loyal to Sean. Which says a lot. Loyalty is earned by being treated well - and that dedication to his customers has paid off over the years.

This is just an introduction. I'm excited to have Sean come down to tune our cars - mine especially lol. The Alpha 12x is about competition first - and in Ontario Street Outlaws - I will need that consistency for multiple races in the same day. It's also about streetable spool and performance and from what I have seen and the Sean Ivey customers I have spoken with - that is his forte - track consistent and capable cars that drive like stock (or better).

Let's be honest. Who could want anything more?

So - like I said, the Apex Motoring Alpha 12x 2018 conversion from my Alpha 16 is on its way...Stay Tuned for this ongoing Blog about day to day progress as it happens!


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