Race Ready Garage 2015 C7 Corvette Z06 Track Duty

January 02, 2018 0 COMMENTS 230

Almost touching into the 9's (a 10.04 pass)...the car was still not running right. Really. Not. Right.

But now that we have the right Shop behind us (Race Ready Garage) some tuning changes and engine tweaks later and we added 7-8+ MPH in the 1/4 over the pass in this video (but unfortunately without a clutch for an actual 60' and ET). A new RPS Triple Carbon was on its way...expensive - but the Mantic just wasn't cutting the sauce. 

Hopefully we have enough time to break in the new clutch, and I am confident that a 9 second pass is right around the corner...

Coming soon in the 2018 Season...Stay Tuned!


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