Race Ready Garage 2015 C7 Z06 - 178 MPH 1/2 Mile Record for Manual F1A Procharger Setup

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Sometimes you just have to be thankful when you find a Shop that can turn around a sub-par situation. Dave Rempel from Race Ready Garage was that person and that Shop.

The earlier F1A Procharger build was hit and miss; the top end was breaking up and our runs were inconsistent (to say the least). We were literally losing the most potent part of the prochargers forte - the top end - as PC's get faster they create more boost, the higher the RPM. Even in that situation with the top-end breaking up we were still running 10.0's at 137 MPH with high 1.5x 60 foots.

Fast forward and we had a 1/2 mile event - the best on the East Coast - Speedfest at Battlecreek Michigan, USA.

Sitting down with Dave, he went through the build from top to bottom - physically and (most importantly) via software (ECU Tuning). He found some issues and corrected them. My clutch was on its last legs - so we couldn't get a 60' foot out of it - but the trap speed said it all - almost 146 MPH. Talk about night and day. The good news is after a new RPS triple carbon clutch install (I love that clutch - review on that later) we were able to truly let it stretch its legs in Battlecreek Michigan at the 2017 Speedfest 1/2 mile event. With 7500 feet of glass smooth runway and tons of shutdown - it was an excellent test to see what this build could really do.

I was able to get 6 runs in - 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon with about 75 cars (of all types and mods) that day. The manual C7Z record for bolt on or up to F1A PC was about 165 MPH - which became my goal. On the first series of passes - after badly flubbing my first pass (missed 3rd and went into 7th instead of fifth lol) - I hit 167 and almost 169 MPH - with traction control and DSC fully on - beating my benchmark (and I believe the pump gas manual record for this level of build).

With Traction and DSC off - and learning how to get the car to leave half decently (no burnouts allowed to heat tires as this is a military grade runway) - I was able to add to my record by almost another 10 MPH - 178.25 MPH being my best. The attached video - which is in-car GM GPS was slightly slow to those numbers - about 283 km/hr or ~177 MPH, but pretty close. I had ~176 and 177 MPH before that.

So the car was very consistent.

To compare; my GTR had about 825 awhp on an earlier build on pump gas and was able to do just over 173 MPH in the 1/2 mile - at the same event a few years back. As this C7Z F1A PC setup by Race Ready Garage puts out about 850ish whp - the numbers seem to make sense (and the GTR also having perfect DCT shifts and much better aero (less drag) helps to squeeze out every drop of performance with less power and more weight).

That same GTR setup ran a 9.90 at 143-147 MPH depending on DA and prep - about the same MPH ranges I am finding with the Race Ready Garage C7Z F1A setup - but the GTR had 1.62-1.67 60's. SO - with even the high 1.5x's we were hitting with the C7Z - I am thinking we should be at least in the 9.7 ET range - maybe even 9.5-9.6's if we get some good air.

This is exactly the power level I wanted for an all-rounder. It drives as well or better than stock - with no changes to character - except when you mash the gas pedal. I can't wait to get it back to the track and get my 9 second slip and video - which I will post right here...on CarNRacer!

Stay tuned everybody...

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