2018 BattleCreek Speedfest Standing Half Mile!

August 01, 2018 0 COMMENTS 233

This 2018 Battlecreek  Speedfest was a hot one lol! 105 F and that is without track temperatures...

I think it's fair to say, I also had some issues - my fuel system built by an earlier and poor Builder - blew up just before I left. I watched 3/4 of a tank empty - and release a fuel smell that almost knocked me out  - in 2-3 KM's like it was out of a (bad) movie. A long night and great creativity and precision and I was back on the road . How? My Buider sacrificed HIS OWN fuel system. A fuel system he had yet ot use on a car he will likley never finish because of customers like me. The all rubber,  not steel lined fuel lines garbage that was on the car was replaced by kevlar  and stainless steel. 

I was able to drive 2.5 hours to Windsor - getting ther about 6 AM. Getting to sleep at 630 and then up at 8 for breakfast to meet two other cars to drive down with to Battlecreek. We drove directly to the event and raced for 5 hours.  

I was tired after all of that.

In my sleep deprived state - I forot to prime the meth - and my MPH suffered to say the least - from last year.  almost 20 MPH less...

I thought it was just because of the heat - all the forced induction cars were crying - but it was also becasue my Meth was not firing. And had I primed it - i found out later that it was evaporating within the lines - even after only 15 minutes of being in the direct sun. natrually aspirated cars were having a field day...

All in all - I cannot complain as I won both my class (Corvette) and transmission (manual). It was a great time with great people and a world class event.

Speedfest is the best standing 1/2 mile event on the East Coast. Full Stop.

More details to come - stay TUNED! 

In the meantime, please enjoy this horrible first race I had with a Lamborghini Huracan - with no launch and a ton less power. I will post the side by side pulls from last year to this year as a part of my detailed review...Cheers!



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